Thursday, November 12

Daniel is 3!

 Last month my baby turned 3.

He enjoys the simple childhood pleasures, like olives on your fingers.

'Me' 8 to 10 years ago would totally cringe about how much cereal this kid eats.  Being kid number 5 is a lot different than being kid number 1...there are only so many battles I'm willing to engage in, so cereal it is. 

This boy is the sweetheart of the family.  Good natured and full of fun... and when he isn't, we all forgive him because he is the little guy.
He spent the first 3 years of his life sticking right by my side, but he is discovering a new level of independence... running with the big kids.

A birthday in 2020 for us means low key with immediate family... he doesn't even like cake, so we just stuck candles in something Justin picked up, and I made Daniel's favorite - cookies!

Sometimes I hear Daniel start to scream in agony and I rush towards the trampoline to see if he got hurt... but he is usually just crying because an older sibling is done jumping and he doesn't want to stop :).

 Daniel's 3 year old interview (which was not an easy thing to accomplish, hence this blog post being a month late):

What do you want to do when you grow up?
Math (that's news to me!)
What's your favorite color?
What do you like to do?
Play with toys, jump on trampoline
What do you like to eat?
Gold fish and cereal
Who is your favorite character?
Garmadon (Lego Ninjago... because he looked down and saw a Lego Garmadon) 
What's your favorite song?
Ninjago (because once you mention something he likes, we get stuck there!)
What is your favorite tv show or game?
Lately he asks for "Tiny Trucks," but before that it was Word World and Daniel Tiger
What's your favorite book?
I Love You Stinky Face