Saturday, September 4

William the Teenager


Perhaps it took me four extra months to make this post because I wanted time to slow down. 
My William is a teenager.
And such an amazing one.
I love this kid.

On his birthday, I still had about 1/4 inch on him, but he has already passed me by.

William started school at Booth Middle for 8th grade this year. He had to miss the first 7 days due to Covid, but he caught right up and is enjoying his public school experience. He is playing percussion with band and enjoyed playing with the high-school marching band last week. The rest of the kids sure miss him! But they welcome him home quickly with tackle hugs.

William loves listening to his music and chatting with friends. He is helpful (you just have to ask), positive, friendly, and... he makes me laugh all the time. There is just this way about him that cracks me up, and I love it. :)
He enjoys getting to stay up a bit later to watch Fresh Prince or a movie with Justin and me.

Click here to see William's 12-year-old interview.

William's 13-year-old Interview:

What do you want to do when you grow up?
What's your favorite color?
What do you like to do?
Video games (minecraft, clash royale...), Reading, Soccer
What do you like to eat?
Sausage Pizza, Brownies, Watermelon
Who is your favorite character/role-model?
Mama and Daddy are my role models.
Fresh Prince is my favorite character (notably not a good role model).
What's your favorite song?
Ruckus, What else you Got, Linkin Park
What's your favorite book?
The Hunger Games
What's your favorite tv show? 
Fresh Prince of Bel-air
What do you like most about school?
Definitely not homework. PE and Band